Thursday, June 21, 2012


I was really looking forward to Ridley Scott's "Prometheus".  Bruce and I rushed to a Marcus big-screen cinema on my day off, ready for a fantastic movie.  And we were vastly disappointed.

Disappointed with most of the secondary characters, because particularly the engineers are really stupid.  Why spend years and millions to send an engineer to another planet who doesn't want to be there?  Disappointed in the plot, because there are big holes in it.  Disappointed in the score, because there was very little going on in it.  And disappointed that what was supposed to be a spooky sci-fi movie turned the corner into iffy plain horror about a third of the way through.  And the details of how the alien looked were different from the original. Too, there were some "oh wow" technology items that had superfluous scenes wrapped around them. I was ready to walk out before half the movie was over.

This was a classic case of "we've got some great ideas, but we don't have an ending.  Don't worry, we'll figure it out."  Fell flat.  I wasted my money and time.

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