Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sinusitis, Bronchitis, and all that Gunk

Once upon a time, about eleventy-fortain years ago, I discovered the hard way that I have a weakness for these diseases:  I got them twice a year, every year, between April 17-May12, and any time from the end of November through the New Year.  When I moved to Wisconsin, I started getting them every 45-60 days.  When I asked my ENT what I could do to dodge these unwelcome visitors, he shrugged.  "They're allergy-based.  Stay healthy, and be careful."

I eventually became more used to Wisconsin's pollens, and discovered echinacea.  It's been six or eight years since I had them.  Then boom, someone at work started hacking and sneezing.  Of course, the beasties made themselves right at home in the next susceptible person:  me.

Several weeks later, I still have nasal drainage and a cough that gets worse with exertion, dust, fumes, smoke, and sometimes nothing.  A friend has been teasing me about my abnormal husky alto. And sounding like a cat with a hairball is getting old. 

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